Pedro Vagner

I'm a Brazilian freelancer programmer and web developer. If you need professional help, feel free to contact me.

About Me

Pedro Vagner

Hi, my name is Pedro Vagner, born in 1986. I'm a Brazilian freelancer programmer and web developer. I ended up working with technology after the internet showed me that programming is fun and the open source movement is changing the world.

I created this site to share my knowledge, thoughts and problems to the world. I hope this can help you and that you can help me :)


If you need web development services, maybe I can help you. Check out the portfolio's page to see some projects developed. This is some of my services and skills:

  • Frontend development of sites using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Backend development using Express and Django web frameworks.
  • Most used programming languages: JavaScript and Python.
  • Little experience in Web Design.
  • Smart Contract development.
  • Integration of Digital Currencies in web systems.

Most used technologies on my daily job:

  • JavaScript logo JavaScript
  • HTML logo HTML
  • CSS logo CSS
  • Bitcoin logo Bitcoin
  • Ethereum logo Ethereum
  • MongoDB logo MongoDB
  • AngularJS logo AngularJS
  • jQuery logo jQuery