Pedro Vagner

I'm a Brazilian freelancer programmer and web developer. If you need professional help, feel free to contact me.


This is a list of projects that I developed for companies and individual clients. If you liked my work and are interested in develop your ideas, feel free to contact me, maybe I can help you.

CUIA - Centro Unificado de Inovação Aplicada

Several Projects Development at CUIA

I worked as a software and infrastructure developer at the Centro Unificado de Inovação Aplicada (CUIA) from Jun-17 to Dec-17. During this period I worked on numerous projects, with different architectures.

Technologies Used: Docker, Python, Django REST framework, React, Mesos, Marathon, Pgpool, GitLab, Odoo, JavaScript, HAProxy

Portal de Notícias GP1

Recreation of the GP1 News Portal

The news portal features a content management system, where the administrator manage news, blogs, highlight images, journalists and bloggers groups, creates advertisements, partners, videos, images galleries, surveys and fanpages. Of the development team, I was in charge to the server development tasks (backend). I worked on this project from Aug-14 until Jan-15, period in which I was employed by Mundi Tecnologia. I did not get to finish this project, because I leave the company before the end of the project. I believe that around 70% was already done. Was an amazing experience have worked with many professionals to create a news portal of big influence on the state of Piauí.


Technologies Used: Django, Python

Bolão SuperVascaínos

Creation of SuperVascaínos Sweepstake

The site presents users the upcoming matches of Vasco, allowing them to give the guess of the score and the players who scored in the match. In each game, the user accumulates points according to a scoring criterion of goals and players. There is a monthly and one annual score table, which are updated with each match. In this system, I was responsible for the development of the server side (backend), the visual part (frontend) was made by another developer. The work was developed during 2 months (Jan-2015 to Mar-2015), period in which worked in the company Mundi Technology. I was very proud and pleased to participate in this project, because it was an incredible coincidence I also be a fan of Vasco team :)


Technologies Used: jQuery, Django, Python, JavaScript

Imóveis no Piauí

Maintenance and Improvements on the Imóveis no Piauí

Over the course of 2014, I made several improvements and maintenance to the site's content management system. During this period, worked for Mundi Tecnologia. Was added new forms, new contact ways and more information about the property have been added on the detail page. The site's search system was completely reformulated, allowing the user to filter the listing of properties, specifying city, state, neighborhood, indicating a range of property price values, number of rooms, cost per square meter, parking spaces, etc. Actually, this site is mandatory for anyone who is looking for properties to rent, sell or buy in the state of Piauí.


Technologies Used: Django, jQuery, Python, JavaScript

Site SuperVasco

Maintenance and Improvements of the SuperVasco

I worked on this site throughout 2014 making numerous improvements. The most important ones were the addition of an option to like comments, added a login panel and a list of users of the SuperVascaínos social network, created a survey panel, created a news notification system, created an integration system with the SuperVascaínos social network. It was working on this project that I realized how much the fans of the Vasco are passionate about this team!


Technologies Used: Django, Python, jQuery, JavaScript, AngularJS


Creation of PedroVagner's Site

Creation of my own website. I took about 4 months working on it; From Nov-2016 to Mar-2017. It was my first project using Node.js. This means that the entire project was done using only one programming language: JavaScript. The site is the way I wanted it, it has a content management system for posts, tags, subjects, portfolio, images, files, user registration, slide show (reveal.js), notes (diary and tasks). The user make login without a password (using email only). It was a great challenge to deal with this new technology. There's still a lot I want to improve on this site. To follow, just keep an eye on my posts.


Technologies Used: Node.js, HTML, SCSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, REST Architecture, TypeScript, Mongoose, MongoDB, Express.js

Orbe Tecnologias e Consultoria Ambiental

Several Projects Development at Orbe

I worked as a software developer at Orbe Tecnologias e Consultoria Ambiental company in the period understood between Apr-2015 until Jun-2016. During that time I matured as a programmer. Worked intensively with an architecture called REST. I wrote a lot of code using the jQuery library. And it was during this time that I had my first contact with the TypeScript language.

Technologies Used: Django REST framework, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML

Site Duerno Advocacia

Creation of Duerno Advocacy's Site

Very simple website created in Nov-2016. Developed for a client who wanted to have a single page on the internet running as a business card.


Technologies Used: jQuery, HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript